Student and Developer

What development services do I offer?

Web Design

Unique and responsive websites for you or your company. I can make anything from a simple one page site, to a multi page public site and user dashboard.

  • $3 per page

Web Development

Stylish and functional complete websites made made in various web languages. I have made many functional websites for various companies.

  • $5 per page

Some of my recent development projects.

PurrBot Dashboard Web Design

I created a user friendly dashboard interface for PurrBot, a popular Discord bot with many features.

Electrum Host Web Development

I created a unique website for Electrum Host, a new company that hosts many game servers.

Sparked Host LLC Web Development

I created a stylish and usable website for Sparked Host LLC, a Minecraft and web hosting company.

The Umbaska Center Web Development

I created the layout and design for Umbaska, a Skript addon that has various functional features.

The Vixio Project Web Development

I created the website and docs system for Vixio, a Skript addon that lets you make a Discord bot.

Is skUnity Down? Web Design

I created the layout and design for Is skUnity Down?, a website to check the status of skUnity.

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